Best wishes spade [1Google-translated]

This short story is a part of a Google-translated fiction project (GT fiction). This translation was made by Google, from Polish to English, once. That’s why you see the description: 1Google-translated.

Best wishes spade

Slawek Przekośniak got to wiligię SMS wishes: “I Zycze good ping fajno new. Do not know who sent him this surprisingly enigmatic message. Do not know to this day, and the injury – that the person owes its present status and the first on the list of 67 richest Poles.

Then, in a beautiful white and russet wigilijny evening, Przekośniak, a few days earlier ejected from the site for fanatics utopijnych extreme phobias (, came on a concept.

It was a good idea, and the next text message ( “Happy dray accidentally only a sincere lamb”) utwierdził convinced him that it was the idea of life.

Slawek Przekośniak decided to sign up with your colleague from the Czech corridors, an online service, which could send requests for cell phones. The most important advantage of the service would be that the wishes of the content was not determined in advance, not wybierało them from the list, but were created with random words internauty according to guidelines by the specially developed for this program. This would allow you to send wishes of the original, and nobody is not told that they must be understood.

Development of the program, which called working with John Discworld, addressed the Czesiek. He had this experience – the portal for [wstaw_słowo] fobów developed a program to lay joy at the demonstration. The program, although the wording offered completely devoid of logic, enjoyed great popularity, and the most hit street slogans can be seen on television ( “Down there injury away,” “For them today wora won today”).

The future success of the two men took to the hard work and wishes portal SMS started immediately by the Easter holidays.

One of the first users and enthusiasts hand, it was Ramon Kęstowicz from the popular girls-band Puszysteron. Do not want to write their wishes, therefore, entered the and has completed a short form. Under the heading “Words to appear in the content of the” inherent “egg” and “Wesoly” in the “Number of additional words” – 3 Two days later received a phone number from friends, chwalących it as extremely creative texts wishes. It was what it boasts:

“Wesola goats czacha egg stench”

“Egg cattle wesolego wedge beauteous”

“Ammeters chlapnij wesolego oligocenska jajem”

“Wesoly not kept in the egg of postmodernism”

Shortly service was “the most innovative pre-Internet years”, according to the magazine Web sites starting at N. Average balanced parallel redirected trójklikalność exclusive parties quickly reached a level of 34.98 and grow in an impressive pace. Czesiek developed a special mod to the wishes for Mother’s Day and it was a shot in the home – weekly Przepuść put the wishes of “Mom left bingo disease” in the quote box week. From that day began with uncontrolled popular service. Mobile operators have begun to feel a drop in revenue from fees for text messages, but wary Sławek offered them a share in the profits – in exchange for doinwestowanie and transfer of modern technologies.

Czesiek yet developed two fashion: imieninowy and birthday, and then focused on a sense of well-spełnionego obligation for viewing pages from creeping thing destitution, with the result that Sławek is only at 67 place of the richest Poles. Only the fact that Czech wyrzucił then (there is enough in Machiavellian way – by sending a text message: “You work here spoko kapencjusz finito”) resulted in that came up in place of 67 But it was only his sole and exclusive only on merit. I even thanked his wife would not like to get a prize “Inzapbizu” page for years, for which they still had and for that entire time lobbował.

To give a chance to gain happiness and even greater fame, was sent Przekośniak, claiming to be “Wielbicielkę, SMS and the chief editors of newspapers and opinion-known politicians, men of culture, show-business, science, health, nutrition, care pot plants; teachers of dance and tango qualadora defense parawirtualnego, a philosopher and a friend from the shop with your precious paluszkami serowymi.

How do you expect, the reaction was spontaneous, euforyczna and clearly in favor. With one exception – policies associated with the head of its domestic service, parliamentary wheel, the number of mobile phone 0-609-3459812, known in the absence of a sense of humor, bad intentions of the author received a text message, sounding “best wishes spade.” The case went to the calendar committee and the committee on security.

It took ten months. In his new residence, at the top, (meant here to the ninth floor) Przekośniak przymierzał new przetykany titanium-kevlarową thread-like black suit samoukładający up. He had the evening to receive the prize of the “Przekobizu” page for one year (for “Inzapbiz” could not wait).

67. the list of the richest Poles liked to yourself in the mirror. Przećwiczył smile and step, check whether the card is in your pocket with the text of speeches and wygładził incomprehensible to the belly bulge. We welcome wlał to the glass remains open two weeks ago of French wine and see the glory in his impressive face, said:

– Health stranger by the throat bell.

At that time podjechały into a black limousine Przekośniakówkę Security Agency.

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