Today is a Google-translated Day

Well, I think this is the right day to do it. I’ll Google-translate every piece of my today’s life and share it through my “I, Google-translated” profile on Twitter.

I woke up in beta mood, what means I don’t know who am I supposed to be in general. This is a perfect match. Beta stage is typical for 99% of Google products, including Google Translate Beta. The last one is my favourite, when it comes to think about technology-related absurd I’m exploring as a writer. When one wants to be a real tech-absurdist, he needs to be involved in what he is writing about. He needs to be a part of an absurd process. Google Translate Beta, with all all those automatically generated language mistakes is a great way to do is.

So my way to explore tech-absurd is not only write about it, but actually – write it (this would be a nice golden thought, if only I knew what I meant).

You can read more about Google-translated fiction here and here. You can follow my Google-translated updates here.

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