How to download a book directly from a tweet?

As a writer and iPhone addict I always wondered whether it would be possible to make my mobile books a click away from a tweet.

I made a little invention today and the answer is “yes”. If you’re iPhone owner and have Stanza eReader installed, you can directly download a book from a tweet, you’ve came from. What you need to do is to open a link in Safari. This is important not to do it within Twitter application, as you will not be redirected to ePub file.

Some more facts:

Mobile Safari is able to interpret epub directories (in my case epub:// It pushes Stanza to open and download a file. That’s it.

I tested two Twitter application:
• Twitterrific – you’ll be asked to open external link. Click “open link”.
• Tweetie – make sure you use “send” button, to open a link in Safari.

I would be grateful for any feedback. How is the link working with other iPhone Twitter apps?

Now you know everything and you’re probably in Safari. So if you feel like reading some flash fiction about our life with technology, you can download my book directly from here. And don’t panic: Password Incorrect is the title of a book:)

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