digital-fiction-show-2Have you been wondering what exactly makes an author 2.0 different to a regular author? There’s a bit more to it that just the web aspect of it. I posed this question to @namenick and I got back a very well thought out answer to the question.

Here it is:

First reader, then publisher

Author 1.0 writes books for readers – only in theory. In fact he writes them for publishers, who pretend to have a mighty knowledge of what the readers want. Author 2.0 is independent from a publisher, so he can fully focus on finding a right way directly to his readers. When he gets recognition among readers, he can also get recognized by big  publishers.

1.0 » author – publisher – reader
2.0 » author – reader – publisher

First read, then buy

In a traditional system a reader buys a book, then reads it, and then (very often) gets disappointed. This is an old, very obvious way of sharing culture – Author 1.0 and his publisher (or rather publisher and his author) want the book to be sold. Author 2.o wants it as well, but in many cases to be successful he has to give the reader in a first place a chance to read the preview of his book – to make him interested enough to buy a book.

Author 1.0 – buy » read
Author 2.0 – read » buy

Reader’s right first, then author’s right

There is the right of the author and there is  the right of the reader. In 1.0 system the rights of the author are most important. This is different when it comes to publishing 2.0. You can only be welcomed by the readers if you are open enough and show your sincerity. That’s why an outdated (c) is being replaced by Author 2.0’s Creative Common. Free distribution of a content and trust in a reader’s honesty will pay back.

Author 1.0 – my rights are more important
Author 2.0 – readers’ rights are more important

Cheap means good

Author 2.0 is the right person to redefine what “cheap” or “free” means. For the traditional system “cheap” means “bad quality”. And in many cases it really is. But the determination of the Author 2.0 – to learn, to fight for good and to share his book with the readers more and more often lead to high end results. So even if there is no promotional budget behind, and even if the book is offered for a small percentage of a big-publisher’s price – it can give a first class reading.

Author 1.0 – cheap means poor quality
Author 2.0 – expensive doesn’t mean good quality

Passion first

All that leads to a single conclusion: Author 2.0 is an author with passion.

Author 1.0 – where’s my money?
Author 2.0 – where’s my passion?

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