I Killed Myself in 1969 and It Works

This sounds absurd, but it’s perfectly true. I killed myself in 1969, the year I was born, in order to join my favourite writers: Franz Kafka, Jerome K. Jerome and Lewis Carroll. Here is how I did it.

FeedbooksIn October 2008 I decided to publish my book at Feedbooks, the best mobile ebook platform ever. At that time there was already a section of user created books open for uploads, but I wanted to join the classic authors list. Especially, that I had a feeling it could be working much better for me. And it looks it is.

My book, Password Incorrect is a selection of purely contemporary tech-absurd stories, with an iPhone-style cover, aimed at tech nerds. It could have been a clear and distracting contrary to all classic books found in Feedbook’s public domain catalog. That’s why I tried to create a book there. Soon I faced an obstacle – the system can’t accept an entry if you don’t write down the date of author’s death. A smart way to block users from pirating contemporary authors. I’ve found a way – in no time committed a suicide and moved to create the content of a book.

It would be more serious to switch to user created books, but I realized, that this decent suicide is by far my best artistic statement:

Human can always find a way to win over technology he created, even if he has to kill himself.

Absurd. Yes. Tech-absurd. Yes, yes. My world. And as a dead Polish writer, close to 200 most popular authors at Feedbooks, with 5500 downloads and counting, I think I’m doing really well.

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