eClicto – First Polish E-reader Will Be Launched This Autumn


Three weeks ago I attended a Warsaw Bookcamp, where all the participants were particularly interested in a presentation of eClicto, a Polish e-publishing platform, which is about to be launched in autumn. The business model includes an e-reading device, e-bookstore, news portal and a support centre. Comparison to Kindle is inevitable and obviously everybody gets excited with a device itself. It has 6-inch E Ink Vizplex screen with 4 grey levels, 600×800 px, 166 dpi. Internal 512MB memory can be extended with an SD card by up to 4GB. It will support epub, ecl, pdf and txt files.

One can say, it’s nothing new. Just recently Cool-er and Elonex were introduced to support similar sales models. But for me eClicto is one of first examples of bringing e-publishing from international (English) to national (non-English) level. And it’s not about the equipment this time, its about the content.

The e-reader is a book with blank pages. There are a few models distributed in Poland, including iLiad and Cybook. The only problem is a lack of Polish language books, available in mobile friendly formats like ePub. eClicto is going to change it. They will have to start with hundreds, or hopefully, thousands of books, among them bestsellers, to lure not only tech nerds but also book lovers. This will accelerate, let’s call it “e-quality change” of a national publishing industry, what in longer time will result in e-books being treated equally to p-books by Polish readers.

The price of the e-reader is claimed to be the lowest on the market. No more details were revealed. As soon as I’ll have some news, I’ll share them. Keeping my fingers crossed, it’s gonna be a big thing!

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