Why #vss and #wpss are good for a writer?

For those who are not very much involved into Twitter literature: #vss stands for very short story, #wpss is West Port Short Story. Both are the hashtags used to spot literary pieces written by Twitter authors. Why are they so good for writers?

They make writing easier :. You are constanly inspired by all the great stories, which are accompanied by both tags. You don’t wait, you write – because you don’t want to be left behind. For a non-English writer this is also an invitation to break his limits. I skipped #twittnovel, because I realized I can’t be good at it. With literary hashtags I feel like a member of a community, the one who has to learn a lot, but also the one, who is obliged to try. As I fixed my mind on tech-absurd, I’ll write #vss and #wpss on that and only that. Maybe my English is not good enough, but I hope the stories will be interesting enough to accept my language as it is.

They promote short literature :. I greatly believe that the future of literature are short narrative forms – like the ones on Twitter. As both tags lure more and more writers and readers, they are a great way to help digital literature break into mainstream. People stop reading books, because they perceive them as time consuming. But reading a #vss can give you a similar doze of emotions. And it takes a moment – or a stream of moments.

I’ll put tech-absurdies not only on Twitter, but also here, at my blog. The full story in a title – that’s my plan. This is just a fresh idea to show, how short today’s literature can be: post title only. Check for my stories here.

And below you can read the very recent #vss and #wpss literary tweets – which in many cases are mastertweets:



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