I’m not Dan Brown. Guess how I feel

I’m not Dan Brown.

Dan Brown is releasing tomorrow his new bestselling novel. I’m not.

Dan Brown is a genius writer. I’m not a genius and I just try to be a good writer.

Dan Brown makes huge money on his previous books. I make little money on my current Google Ads.

Dan Brown is writing books in English. I’m not. And I will never improve my English to the level where I can stop thinking about Google Translate.

And now comes the most important part: Dan Brown is perfectly meeting people’s expectations towards literature – he is giving them a long escape to the past. I think this is wrong. The literature of digital age shouldn’t be just an escape. We’re too much stuck in daily life to have enough time to escape. What’s more, the stress we receive every minute, from people and technology, cannot be just escaped. But it can be defused. That’s why I try to give my readers a short reset to the future, so they can live a bit easier and happier the next day.

I believe that today’s world is just too diverse for just one Dan Brown. I believe that there are readers, who don’t look for lost symbols, but forgotten passwords.

Now you know how I feel. I just feel good.

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