Paper – Dan Brown’s lost symbol of the book

Everybody is excited about Dan Brown’s new book. For the first time, when it comes to an uberselling book, the e-premiere didn’t follow p-premiere, but took place at the same time. This was for me the most important fact to observe. Results? Yesterday evening Paul Biba has posted on TeleRead an info from Kindle Nation Daily, that Kindle edition of The Lost Symbol is outselling hardcovers.

When you take a closer look, it’s obvious. You can have an e-book instantly. There is no need to wait to have the book packed and delivered. “I want it now”. And you have it now. What’s even more important – “can’t run out of digital” as @AuldHouse commented the situation. You are 100% sure, that you can have Dan Brown’s book any time you think of buying it. This makes purchase decision much easier. E-book is not only more convenient to read, but also to buy.

People need milestones. The Lost Symbol is for me a milestone in the evolution of a book. Because the symbols which are about to go are more meaningful that the symbols which are about to come. Given equal chances digital book is doing really good. Paper becomes the symbol.

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