21 great ideas for Google Apps which don’t make sense

Imagine what would happen if Google goes one app too far. Just check those fictional ideas – they are crossing this thin line, where you can’t meet common sense any more. It’s just a warning: let’s keep our eyes open and don’t mindlessly accept every novelty coming from the land of technology. Some tools are just designed to help us so hard, that they become absurdly interfering, unfriendly and useless.

More apps like that coming soon.

Google Re-Translate Beta
Use this brand new app to bring back what was screwed by Google Translate Beta. Warning: works one way only!

Google Goog Night
A tiny widget which tells you “goog night” every time you close your eyes.

Google Goog Day
A shiny widget which tells you “goog day” for the rest of your time.

Google Please
The purpose of this simple application is to bring politeness to a whole new level. It automatically adds “please” to the beginning AND the end of every sentence in every letter you write to a Google Support Team.

Google Tie Controller
A program, which corrects angle of the stripes on your tie (in beta version – only blue ones).

Google Google Test
It controls whether your Google is Google-friendly enough.

Google Something Beta
Something made by Google, in beta stage.

Google Inner Bug
A small app being at the same time its own bug.

Google Must
A must application for everybody. It really helps! You just can’t wait to download it right now or your Google profile will be removed.

Google Divorce
A little grey widget telling you every 3 secs, that you’re going to divorce anyway.

Google What?
Probably the most humanlike Google app: on every mouse click it’s shouting “what!?”

Google HaHaHa
The funniest Google app ever, ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Google Subtitles
Provides same language subtitles to every text you see on a screen.

Google Coffeemaker
Makes 3 in 1 coffee every time you look at Google logo.

Google Writer Room
The ultimate writer’s friend. All you need to focus on your writing – black letters over black background!

Google Pizza Prediction
It predicts a temperature of the pizza you have just ordered. Default option is “cold”.

Google Trash Assistant
A highly advanced application which tells you when it’s time to empty your kitchen trash.

Google Face Beta
Adjusts your face size to current computer screen size.

Google Mood Checker
A little application which checks your mood so thoroughly, that the only option really needed (and available) is “furious”.

Google Deeptcha
10 level validation tool for top Internet users. At the end of every paragraph read it’ll ask you 10 Britannica questions. You have to answer them in no less than 10 sentences in order to continue reading.

Google Autoremover
An app which removes itself every time you install it.

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