Short Stories Made Cellphone Friendly

I’m a mobile freak. As you might know from my Twitter updates being read on your shiny cellphone, a couple of weeks ago I started to publish my stories through a mobilized site.

The project is called Mobile Fiction Stories (click for preview here). Every Friday I’m adding a new story, hoping that some day this would become a nice 5-minute-Friday-cellphone-reading habit. You can easily find the stories on Twitter – they’re tagged #mobilefiction. I tweet each one twice a week, so that you don’t need to spend too much time scrolling back your Twitter stream.

The stories come from my book Password Incorrect, which is free to download from Feedbooks. Obviously, ready for download to mobile devices like eReaders and cellphones.

I went mobile with Mofuse. Really cool thing. Mofused blogs show nice and load really fast on most cellphone models with a browser.

If you haven’t tried to read a piece of fiction on your mobile phone, give it a try right now. Just type or choose one of the other easy options. And if you experience any problems with that – well, that’s what my tech-absurd stories are about.

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