Next 21 great ideas for Google Apps which don’t make sense

Inventing apps which are ridiculously absurd is a never ending fun. It’s the essence of goognology. Part one is here, but be prepared for more.

Google Wait
A little background app, which plays “Wave of Sorrow” every time Google Wave reloads.

Google Wait Pro
Same as Wait, but a version of “Wave of Sorrow” is 12 minutes long.

Google Random Password
A tiny application which generates a random password every time you log in, so that nobody will know it, including you. Yes, we don’t trust you, either.

A first app ever which is so human, that you can follow it/her/him/them on Twitter.

Google You2You
Yes, it lets you talk to the other you!

Google Installation Wizard
This sophisticated application will help you install almost everything. Want to install butter on your toast? No problem – now you can do it in 94 easy steps!

Google Logo Switch
A nice little app which is giving you a chance to switch between a current lovely Google logo and the same current lovely Google logo.

Google On the Top
A slick app with a truly friendly “I’m here” which appears on top of all your opened applications.

Google Mash-up
An advanced mix of all Google apps in one! Nobody knows how to use it and this is really cool.

Google Enough
Tries to predict when you’re enough of Google and immediately restarts your computer.

Google Ooops
This slim app helps you experience every single of your ooops deeper than ever before. Developed with a support of the world’s most famous IT therapists.

Google the Greatest
The greatest of all Google apps, no doubt about it.

Google Tribute
A tribute being written by this app’s developers to themselves.

Google Genre Changer
Change your genre in no time. Just provide us with your genre, click the button and done, at least from our point of view.

Google Pre Alert
A simple yet advanced little background app which sends a nice&noisy alert 30 seconds before the real alert is going to show up. Works perfect with system failure alert sounds.

The brand new application which is going to change the way human kind is communicating. It’s a mystery even for its creators, so don’t even ask.

Google Minus One
Fed up with too many search results? Google Minus One will effectively help you reduce their number by one.

Google Flu Killer
Effectively fights flu with a patented Flutton® technology. Press the red flutton as many times as possible and flu will definitely be gone in two to three weeks.

Google IQ Booster
This app is so advanced, that using it will increase your IQ. Just try to read an online help and you’ll see.

Google Augmented Virtuality
This is what you’ve been waiting for such a long time! This amazing application is combining one virtual world with another!

Google Almost There
A first Google app which is there, well, almost.

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