An iPhone made music for a book trailer

Modern self-publishing authors not only write books. They also design covers, record podcasts, run competitions, organize blog tours – everything they think is needed for the book to succeed. I imagine that every day every writer 2.0 is asking himself a question “what else can I do myself?”.

In my case, since last Sunday it’s also composing music. Last Sunday we went to a countryside, where there was wi-fi supposed to work. It was not. I had to do something to overcome the coming symptoms of a heavy Internet addiction. I started to play with iSequence on my iPhone. The feeling was fantastic, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the right tool to make a soundtrack music for a trailer of my two new books. I was trying Garage Band before, but it’s too easy, you just have to match together music loops. And it’s not from a mobile world.

With iSequence you are actually composing, so this is both a challenge and fun. To check how it works just watch this video tutorial. You can download the app here. And last thing: it’s just fantastic, that in our times we can plan to do things personally, as there’s surely at least one app for that.

PS. And if you want to try something completely new, a lack of wi-fi signal really helps.

Password Incorrect/Failure Confirmed – trailer music v.0.91beta


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