Ul Fas Spe Rea Course

Blanka and Edmundo inhaled books by the truckload and even that was not enough. So they participated in an ultra-fast speed-reading course based on the Hi-Re method.

After three days of intensive training they completed the course with honors.

As a special prize, they received the longest novel published in the last three years, which had as much as 24 pages – “In Search of a Lost Parenthesis” by the R-syndicate writing quartet.

Blanka read ultra-fast:

“Bro po giv flo   . By ass ass fuc kwa dop – No, . , con is a pro rod ban trans rap bit Ove! … — ? If kle bio hon Ja where ha ye whe grog or. . R kli rot e ter. ,”

Edmund read ultra-fast:

“.Ass – ;fuc gav fas no I will fu fuc fu her he wen fa, ha! Ha! Thes pon – fu co soo sa by fro. Sle in sla Eas the my you pen. One con ex bla . No!!! Wha?”

Blanka said:

“I have to say, this is an incredible book. It keeps you in suspense, the characters are so vivid, dialogs – precise, and the narration – first class.”

Edmund said:

“I totally agree. This must be probably the most fascinating book of this summer, and not even probably. Totally.”

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