Looking for a partner to co-create avatar stories

Today @wembley shared a great link.

When you go to a Twitter profile of @420watch, you’ll see in a sidebar an awesome visual art made from animated avatars. The idea is brilliant, as well as execution. One of those ideas answering a question “what else can we do with the old good Twitter”. One of those inspirational ideas which make you think, until you come up with something new.

And here it is: an #avatarstory. A story from animated avatars. Each avatar is one letter. The letters can appear in a speed and order, which are best to tell a story. We’ve got 36 characters. It’s an average length of a #6wordstory.

I imagine to have one account, let’s say @avatarstory, which follows 36 other accounts created specifically for this purpose. A new story could come every weekend. It’s not as easy as tweeting it, you have to change 36 avatars, but it’s definitely much more interesting.

Wow, I got excited… but I know it’s much beyond my tech skills. I’ll try to contact @420watch tweeps with a decent proposal. If you feel the energy and want to co-create and develop a story with me, just send a DM or mail me. Two of us can make this thing happen!

And God bless all the folks behind tile avatar Twitter art.

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