Posterous goes mobile and what it means for readers

This is a fantastic news for everybody, who is using a mobile phone not only to make calls, listen to music or play games, but also to read. Posterous has just introduced a mobile version of the site.

For mobile users of social networks this means one essential benefit: every link is a guarantee of a mobile friendly page.

Until now I missed the url shortener, which at the same time could inform other users, that a link I tweet is readable on a mobile phone. I had to describe links as “mobile friendly”. Now the problem is solved. Anyone who knows that Posterous went mobile, can open links without any fear of getting stuck in a full site view.

This is especially important in times, when more and more people are sharing stuff without actually reading it. The culture of over content is created also due to a lack of tools, which help to conveniently consume the content. A technical problem (“will it open?”) prevents people from reading. Instead they share everything – both good and bad stuff.

The mobile interface of Posterous is simple&beautiful and loads pretty fast. All pictures are re-sized to fit the width of a screen. This pretty basic and very useful feature still doesn’t work f.e. in WP Touch plugin for WordPress.

But there are also some disadvantages. In my opinion the body font is too small. There is still no option to leave a comment. Thumbs at a landing page are not loading fast or not loading at all.

Not so long ago I was wondering why so many blogging platforms were giving so many so advanced tools for people to write posts from a mobile phone, while giving no chances for mobile readers to read them. At that time only was detecting a mobile browser and switched theme to a mobile friendly one.

Now it’s changing for the better – and changing very quickly. Not only Posterous, but also Tumblr recently announced mobile optimized version. Keeping fingers crossed for the next services.

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