Awesome interactive books at the Chopin Museum

I’m passionately chasing digital books around the world and until yesterday I didn’t know they’re so close – in my home city, Warsaw.

Yesterday we went to a Chopin Museum. It was reopened at the beginning of April after a thorough reconstruction, which made it one of the most high-tech museums in the world.

There are many innovative ideas here to bring famous composer’s life closer to visitors. Interactive books are among most impressive ones.

In a special section of the museum [picture 1] there are desks with book-like screens installed within them [picture 2]. Each book’s pages are made from an impregnated fabric which is both easy to fold and gives a vintage feel. From a projector mounted around a meter above the desk, a picture is being displayed exactly within the shape of a book – it’s the content.

You can interact with a book by pressing buttons, but also by turning pages. The buttons are positioned above the sensors which send a signal to the projector to change a content [picture 3]. Now the beautiful idea of the pages. When you turn them over, the music is changing, due to special codes placed in upper corners of the book [picture 4].

From my perspective the whole idea is a brilliant example of how to bring life to the past and make it attractive to a young generation.

picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4

If you are planning to visit Warsaw, make sure you book tickets to the Chopin Museum. The official site is here. Watch the AFP report here. Below I’ve embedded a presentation of a museum’s concept by Migliore+Servetto.

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