E-book? Wolfram Alpha still doesn’t know it

Last year, in June, I was stunned with a little discovery: Wolfram Alpha interpreted ebook as an African language.

Since that time I was frequently checking how a most advanced self-learning tool on earth is coping with electronic books. Today I’ve been putting many words: e-book, eBook, e-books, eBooks, etc. The results are still not clear. Generally Wolfram Alpha is assuming this is a book. Worst answer comes for “eBook”, it says:

Wolfram Alpha doesn’t know how to interpret your input.

It’s a shame, especially that Wolfram Alpha is having a special program helping to integrate computational knowledge into electronic publications. One of the most advanced e-books ever made, The Elements for iPad, is based on that. Or maybe I should say: one of the most advanced “Wolfram Alpha doesn’t know how to interpret your input” things ever made.

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