Prices of e-readers down by 40% since June 2009

No major report will be quoted, cause I haven’t found any. The numbers gathered here are a result of a private research I started exactly a year ago.

The idea was simple – to create an Amazon widget with 12 e-readers. Then I was collecting screenshots from certain days and placed them in this post. If the e-reader was no longer sold, I used a price shown in a former screenshot. As simple as that. It was designed to give a clue on how fast the prices of e-readers were going down – and to have it presented in a comparable form. Just an idea from an average e-book enthusiast.

The big news is that prices have fallen by around 40%. The major reason is a recent price war between B&N and Amazon, in my opinion taking place in view of a launch of Google Editions, which will totally change a perception of an “e-reading device”. Picking up one figure: Kindle 2 is almost three times cheaper than a year ago – $359 vs $130!

It was not so fantastic at the end of last year – prices were lower only by 15%. And this is what most of us were expecting. In a quick poll only 18% votes were given to a price drop higher than 20%.

You can check current prices at the bottom of a post. What do you think: will prices of leading devices cross a magic level of $100?

30th June 2009 :. Basket price: $ 5205,71 :. Average price: $433,80


30th December 2009 :. Basket price: $ 4447,04 :. Average price: $370,60

30th June 2010 :. Basket price: $ 3072,58 :. Average price: $256,04

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