E-reading applications: my feature wish list

Currently to read e-books I’m using two devices (iPhone and iPad) and three apps (Kindle, Stanza and iBooks).

I don’t have any problem with using either iPad or iPhone. The devices are perfectly complementary. I read on iPad mostly at home and when on the move an iPhone is a perfect reading companion.

It’s not that easy with applications. They all have their pros and cons, some of them have features the others are missing. This is easily leading to disappointment, as a personal e-book library is split in three places and sometimes I get lost where is a book I feel like reading right now.

So here is a wish list of features a confused reader would love to have in one application to stick to it. The list only contains features which are not available in all three apps. Is there anything missing? Please leave your tips in the comments.

ePub support

Available: Stanza, iBooks

Bookshelf synchronisation

Available: Kindle

Support for audio and video

Available: Kindle, iBooks

Dictionary lookup

Available: Stanza, iBooks

Book content search

Available: Stanza, iBooks

Sharing options

Available: Stanza

In-app purchase

Available: iBooks

Catalog of free resources

Available: Stanza, iBooks

In-app book download from other resources

Available: Stanza

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