Pirates have copyright notices, too (screenshots)

A couple of months ago I discovered some guys illegally published their edition of my book at Amazon. They took a content of a free book shared with a CC licence probably at Wattpad or Smashwords and are selling it for $11. Hell with them,… no, wait, they made it to #38 in Humor / Jokes Riddles.

I took screenshots of their copyright and legal notices. And, yeah, IT IS A JOKE. They claim they own all rights. What’s more:

You should assume that the author and the publisher have an affiliate relationship and /or another material connection […].

The original Amazon Password Incorrect is here ($0.99), the second part of the series, Failure Confirmedhere. Please visit book sites, leave a review, download free samples or even buy the books. I’d love to be as good as the guys who have fun while robbing me.

And if you want a free download of what they sell for $11 – go and take it from Feedbooks.

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

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