How Technology is Changing a Publishing Industry

I’ve been invited by the Polish Institute of International Affairs to share my knowledge on how new technologies determine the information flow in a publishing industry. This presentation is a part of the 20th Annual EINIRAS Conference “From Content to Knowledge in International Relations”, which is organized by The Polish Institute of International Affairs.

The presentation was designed to show how information distribution patterns are changing. It contains a lot of visuals and was prepared in Prezi – a great on-line presentation tool, which works especially well when you have to highlight relations between the ideas your show.

Thanks to the Internet technology everybody has equal chances in publishing. No matter where you come from, as a writer you have access to the same free on-line tools, which can help publish your book and approach your reader – no matter where he comes from.

You can read the presentation below. It’s best viewed with a full screen option enabled.


• Technology is changing a way information and ideas are distributed

• Traditional vs. digital model of information provision

• Multiple roles of an Internet user and how it translates to publishing

• Phenomenon of self-publishing – 3 x DIY – dare-to-do it yourself, do it yourself, distribute it yourself

• E-book publishing benefits from a changing nature of information – questions to ask:

1. Which information is important?
2. Which information is prevailing?
3. How is the information shared?
4. What are main information channels?
5. What is the reach of information?
6. Which information becomes influential?

• Conclusion: technology is redefining the information flow between the author, the publisher and the reader.

If you find the information useful, feel free to share it with your readers. From a presentation’s Prezi page you can get a code to embed within your blog or a website.

Easy-to-remember short link is:

7 Replies to “How Technology is Changing a Publishing Industry”

  1. I’m writing a next presentation on self-publishing as a source of innovation. It will be a natural follow-up of this one, so stay tuned:-)


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