Does 30,000 downloads convince you to read a book?

Web is changing the way we find music, books, films, all kinds of products.

Reviews made by professionals are still very important, but they’re definitely not the major decision trigger any more. With free search tools we are getting better and better with finding stuff we’re passionate about.

What turns out to essentially matter is a feedback left by Internet users: not only reviews or comments, but also faves and a sheer number of times the video was being watched, the blog post read and a file – downloaded.

I’m a happy man. My e-book with tech-fiction stories was downloaded more than 30,000 times from Feedbooks. I’m not a famous author and I don’t want to be a 2,097,309th Dan Brown. The genre is not obvious. It’s not a pure science fiction. It’s not even a speculative fiction.

It’s something between fiction and reality – where absurdity and humor meet. Geek fiction, tech fiction, tech absurd. Something to dismantle this bomb armed by Windows Vista earlier today. The title says is all: Password Incorrect.

If you feel interested, go check the book. It’s free, available in pdf, ePub and mobi with a Creative Commons licence. You can download it via web or get it directly into you tablet or smartphone through e-reading applications: Aldiko, Stanza, Ibis Reader or Bluefire Reader.

Additional stories you can find in the books showcased below.

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