53,5% of my Feedbooks downloads goes to Aldiko (stats)

With the launch of Aldiko 2.0 it’s good to deliver simple little facts, which can help shape a clear e-reading landscape for Android devices.

A little fact from a self-publisher hugely relying on a fantastic Feedbooks platform: as much as 53,5% of downloads of a free edition of Password Incorrect, which is available at Feedbooks, goes straight to Aldiko.

Interesting thing is that I’m an iPhone geek and spend essential part of time to draw attention of iOS users. Looks like the password is correct for Aldiko already, what I can’t say about a mobile platform of my own.

Check the full 30-day Feedbooks statistics. On average the book has 200 downloads a day.

The full list of Aldiko 2.0 features  includes:

• Supporting ePub and PDF eBook formats, as well as Adobe DRM
• A new eBook marketplace for you to access eBooks from different booksellers at one place
• Fully customizable reading experience: font type, font size, font and background colors, margin, alignment, line spacing, brightness, display orientation and navigation control are all adjustable to fit your personal reading preference
• Rich features including bookmark, dictionary, full-text search, copy and paste, day/night themes, table of content, progress bar, hyphenation support as well as sharing your favorite texts/quotes in a book
• An advanced library management system which enables you to sort books by different criteria as well as organize books by tags and collections
• A new import feature which make it even easier for you to transfer all your ePub and PDF files to Aldiko and read them on the go.
• A “My Catalog” feature which allows you to add your own eBook catalogs
• Supporting eBooks from public libraries and enabling you to return your borrowed eBooks right within the app

Find more information at the official Aldiko blog.

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