Tablet or E-reader: Which Device Should I Choose to Read E-books? (questionnaire)

There are a lot of useful reviews which thoroughly list pros and cons of e-reading devices (like Kindle, Nook or Kobo) and tablets (f.e. iPad, Archos or Galaxy Tab). But eventually it’s you, not the reviewer who will be reading e-books on a device you’ll spend money on.

So instead of sharing a next review, analysis or opinion, I’ve created a simple questionnaire which can help you define your own reading preferences.

1. How often do I read books?

    A. Regularly
    B. Occasionally

2. Is color important for me?

    A. No
    B. Yes

3. What kind of books do I mostly read?

    A. Text only (fiction)
    B. Text with pictures and/or graphics (guides, cookbooks, handbooks)

4. Do I want to play videos within a book?

    A. No
    B. Yes

5. How much time am I reading a book at once?

    A. More than an hour
    B. Less than an hour

6. Am I concerned about eye strain?

    A. Yes
    B. No

7. Will the device be used by other members of my family?

    A. No
    B. Yes

8. Will I use this device to read books to my children?

    A. No
    B. Yes

9. Do I want to have constant access to social media?

    A. No
    B. Yes

10. Do I expect this device to actually help me focus on reading?

    A. Yes
    B. No

11. What other functions do I want to have?

    A. Music
    B. Music, videos, games, internet, mail

12. Do I want to have easy access to different e-bookstores?

    A. No, one e-bookstore is enough
    B. Yes, I want to easily download/buy e-books from different sources

If you’ve chosen answer “A” more than 6 times, you’ll feel better with an e-reader. It’s a great device to help you focus on reading for long hours.

More than 6 picks for “B” means, that you may prefer a tablet. It’s a versatile device with a full multimedia support, which can be used by all members of your family for different purposes.

Originally published at Ebook Friendly.

6 Replies to “Tablet or E-reader: Which Device Should I Choose to Read E-books? (questionnaire)”

  1. I prefer an e-reader, but for fun AND work tablet is a better choice


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