A selection of banners for Read an E-book Week 2011

On a lovely Sunday morning, March the 6th, I’ll publish a post on why it’s good to take part in Read and E-book Week (March 6 – 12) and how to do it. In this one I’d just like to share with you a set of banners, in popular sizes, you can place on your blog. I’ve prepared them together with the infographic about history of e-books.

Electronic book turns 40 this year and it’s good to tell it to our readers – especially those ones who still see in e-books too much technology and not enough heritage.

A full varierty of banners, different style and sizes, is available at the official RAEW page. When you find the one fitting the style of your blog, just save it to your computer’s disc and place wherever you want – in a header, footer, sidebar or post. Just remember to link to http://ebookweek.com. Let’s get ready!

Size: 300×250 px | Suitable for: post, sidebar

Size: 468×60 px | Suitable for: header, footer

Size: 120×240 px | Suitable for: sidebar

Size: 125×125 px | Suitable for: sidebar

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