I’d love to be a seth-publisher, but I’m not there yet

Seth Godin started Domino Project. His own, fantastic, new thing. Again.

Again he’s teaching how to poke the box, but what he’s also teaching is that anyone should find his own way to do it. The success of Amanda Hocking doesn’t mean that millions of self-publishers around the world should try to write Trylle Trilogy.

The good news is that niches will grow and long tail will get thicker (a blog post about it coming soon). Every author has bigger chances to find readers – as readers have better tools to find authors and their books. There is no need to try to get into the mainstream any more. Just the opposite: the sooner you own the niche, the better for you.

I’m not a seth-publisher yet. I don’t know whether “geek fiction” is good enough for a niche. I’m not sure about my poking strenght, I don’t know how to overcome my language handicap. I’m not sure whether “being a book geek is cool” is cool enough. But I’m sure I’ll find something.

I will never become Seth Godin or Amanda Hocking or J.A. Konrath. I don’t have to. I’ll stay myself.

seth-publishing find your own, original, distinct and innovative way to write and publish a book – and just do it.

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