E-book Covers With E-reading Application Look

Copy-pasting covers from print to digital editions doesn’t make sense to me and in my opinion it’s a lost opportunity. I personally want to explore new areas – the ones digital world gives. If I’m designing a cover for an electronic book, it should be something which is using a digital context. That’s my goal, I stick to it, I want it to become one of my labels.

Here are the covers of the new collection of short stories in Polish entitled E-opowiadania (E-stories), planned to be published only as e-books. Actually I’m not interested in printing any book, any more. I want to reach people, who are tech geeks and who want to get into reading using new, digital channels.

E-opowiadania tom 1 - Niżej Podpisany E-opowiadania tom 2 - Niżej PodpisanyE-opowiadania tom 3 - Niżej Podpisany

Check also the covers for the other series, Geek Fiction Stories. They use the interface of mobile applications – with some tiny little details which explain a lot about what the stories are about.

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