Self-Publishing: How Technology Is Making You More Powerful (introduction)

This is a kick-off post of a series of articles devoted to describe free tools, which can self-publishers write, publish and promote better books.

If you decide to self-publish an e-book, you’ll become more powerful than you think. You can do it with a help of tools and services available online, to a large degree, for free. That means your computer can become your publishing house.

Certainly, technology will not write a book for you, or edit it, or design a great cover. Therefore I strongly advise you to ask for a professional help. My top recommendations are Bubble Cow for editing, The Book Designer for cover and layout design and The Creative Penn for book marketing.

I’ve defined 5 areas where technology creates opportunities for writers who want to publish e-books on their own. I will present them in the following articles, published every Friday at 15:00 GMT:

How you can reduce costs – 29.04 2011

How you can build better relations – 06.05.2011

How you can innovate – 13.05.2011

How you can sell globally – 20.05.2011

How you can learn and improve – 27.05.2011

It’s not possible to mention them all, but I hope you’ll discover one or two, which will be good enough to try. If you know anything worth mentioning, please share it in comments. Self-publishing is on the rise and the more we know now the better we will be tomorrow.

Let’s meet here in a week for a first set of tools.

The article was originally published in full length at BookBuzzr.

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