Tech Quotes – What Would Technology Say About Humans

Tech quotes - what would technology say about humansSophisticated things smart people say about other people – everybody loves it. But what if such things were said from a totally different perspective?

Nowadays technology is able to analyze, think, judge, choose and response. What was a part of science fiction world now starts to leak into reality. It’s high time to realize that soon humans will not be the only beings to think independently.

That’s why another project I’ll be constantly developing is Tech Quotes. It’s fascinating to switch a perspective and see ourselves from a point of view of technology: robots, gadgets, scripts, computer parts or pieces of code. It would be a fantastic way to show that we humans are not the only ones to be right and own truth.

The project has two variants. All ideas will be shared on Twitter with a #techquotes hashtag from my main profile (@namenick) as well as @mobilefiction – that one is devoted to share fictional pieces only. Check also Password Incorrect Facebook page for updates.

Robot proverbs and other quotes

Let’s get used to the fact that we are developing our successors. What would they say about us? Read a couple of examples below.

The most dangerous thing about humans is that they are so irrational.

–Robot Proverb

Man’s microprocessor is called “brain” and it’s an awful waste of space.

–Intel Microprocessor

Humans are stupid. It took them thousands of years to evolve from their predecessors and only a couple of years to create their successors.

–Robot Proverb

Want to delete something? Start from yourself.

–Unknown File

Another idea is trickier.

Technologically processed thoughts on technology

I’ve processed my thoughts on a human-technology relation with a technology itself, using Ivona text-to-speech generator. The results are interesting. When listening to quotes you have a feeling that a human’s thought is interpreted by technology. You’ll find more details in this post. Listen to most interesting examples right now:

One sentence conclusion: the purpose of tech quotes is not to be loved by humans, but to warn humans.

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