Readability Adds Kindle Support – Great News for Readers and Writers

Readability Send to Kindle
Send to Kindle option is available also from a panel in a readability mode

A few days ago Readability added support for Kindle devices. This is another big addition to already the most powerful tool designed to reduce web clutter and help you focus on reading.

There are a couple of web-to-Kindle tools available already, naming only Instapaper, Delivereads or SendToReader, but I’m really glad my favorite distraction-removing service added it to a list of features.

Why is it useful and how to set it up? Read some tips below.

Useful for readers

Setting up Kindle-Readability sync is very easy.

First, go to your Amazon Kindle settings page and add to your approved e-mail list a new address: Then go to your account at Readability and type in your Kindle’s e-mail address under a Kindle Settings tab.

In order to send content to Kindle you can use browser add-ons. You can also click on Readability’s Send to Kindle button if it’s embedded in a blog or site.

A really nice feature is a possibility to receive daily digests with all content you saved for later the day before. To enable it, go to your Kindle Settings and in point 3, “Receive daily reading list updates to your Kindle”, check Yes.

Kindle support is available for registered users of Readability. You can check the conditions and sign up here. A lowest monthly subscription is $5.

Useful for writers

I’ve scheduled for June 17 a special post about how writers can benefit from Readability (don’t hesitate to get blog’s free updates). Kindle is a great, long-expected way to let readers consume what you write.

If you are a book author and use a blog to direct readers to your books – give them a chance to send your content to Kindle, add a special button to your blog. You’ll give yourself a chance to appear on their ultimate reading device. One day it might be a blog post about your new book, next day it might be the book itself.

If you own a blog, open a publisher’s account and earn 70% from any contribution made by saving your article for later.

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