Simplenote – the Best Note-taking App for iPad and iPhone

Simplenote - note-taking application for iPad and iPhone
Simplenote for iPad and iPhone

Simplenote is a note-taking application for iPad and iPhone. I’ve used many apps before and will review the most important ones in a post coming in a couple of days (so stay tuned and get free updates). Out of many apps tested, Simplenote is a best match.

My needs are pretty basic and it’s so surprising only one application can meet them:
1. it should be simple,
2. it should be fast,
3. it should sync.

When it comes to writing down ideas, which crowd to you usually in the most unexpected situations, what really matters is how fast you can make it. Any extra tap, any additional second spent on syncing and you may miss the best idea of your life.

Simplenote makes the job of grabbing ideas on the go almost perfect. Synchronization of notes, extremely fast and stable, is truly outstanding. It just happens. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to experience syncing to get things synced. I skipped Evernote because of frequent syncing issues.

Why syncing is so important? Because neither iPhone nor iPad are ultimate writing machines. That’s why it’s good to have all notes stored and accessed from a computer. This is done via Simplenote’s webpage, which is again, very simple and intuitive. Syncing is working both ways, so you have maximum comfort and flexibility. You don’t have to think which device to pick to write a note – you can write on any device.

Additional well-thought functionality is sharing. You can share notes in two ways (see picture 1). First, you can publish a note as a webpage. It will get a unique url address which you can share with anyone. Another way is to add an e-mail address of a recipient to note’s tags. In both ways users will be allowed to read and edit the note.

Free version of the application displays ads, both on iOS devices and in a web browser. Read more about the features or get Simplenote from the AppStore. If you want to remove ads, create notes by e-mail and get a Dropbox syncing, be prepared to spend $1.99 a month ($19.99 a year) for a Premium account. A comparison between free and paid account is available here.

Picture 1: Share a note - (1) publish it - (2) add e-mail address as a tag

3 Replies to “Simplenote – the Best Note-taking App for iPad and iPhone”

  1. Can anyone recommend what is the software used for iPad to identify in typing the same notes which we are writing
    Send information to.
    Appreciating you in advancer. Thanks


  2. I’ve been using a @simplenoteapp premium version for some time (paid for one-year plan) but a couple of weeks ago, without any notice it changed to basic, ad-supported one.
    I wrote an e-mail to support. No response so far.
    Better don’t buy premium until this thing is fixed.


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