Simple Tip to Embed All Readability Buttons on Your Blog

Recently Readability introduced support for Kindle. Web content publishers can install on their sites a special Send to Kindle button. It’s a good addition to already existing Read Now/Later.

Readability provides all available codes at Free Publisher Tools page. Some bloggers would like to have both buttons in one panel. How to do it?

Now, here is a simple trick – instead of embedding two separate pieces of codes, one for Read Now/Later and another one for Send to Kindle, you can use just one code and have the Readability panel looking like at the top right of this post.

What to do?

1. Grab the code for Send to Kindle button and place it wherever you like in your blog.

2. In a first line of code find “data-show-read=”0” (see picture below) and replace “0” with “1”. Done.

Readability Send to Kindle button code

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