Use Readability to Add Web Content to Your Kindle

Readability, a great service which turns web pages into a reading-friendly mode, announced a cool feature many Kindle owners were waiting for. Now you can send web content directly to your Kindle e-reader.

How to set up your Kindle device

1. Visit your Amazon Kindle settings page and add to your approved e-mail list a new address:

2. Go to your account at Readability, click on a Kindle Settings tab and type in your Kindle’s e-mail address.

How to send content to Kindle

After connecting Kindle with your Readability account, you can now start sending content to your e-reader. There are two ways to do it.

Kindle Readability
You can send articles to Kindle from a reading mode, using a Kindle icon

1. Manually – if you use Readability’s browser add-on, you’ll now see a third icon, Send to Kindle, next to Read Now and Read Later. Also, if you turned a page into readability mode, by using Read Now option, you’ll see a new icon in a panel (see picture) . Click on it and the article will be immediately sent to your e-reader.

2. Automatically – if you checked Yes to “Receive daily reading list updates to your Kindle” in your Readability account’s Kindle settings, every morning you’ll receive a digest with all articles saved for later the previous day.

• • •

The new feature is available for registered Readability users. You can sign up at this page. Subscribers can declare much money they want to pay monthly. The minimum contribution is $5.

Watch below a video introducing Readability’s Kindle support and read more about this useful service. Enjoy happy reading without distractions!

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