Easy Tip to Reduce Clutter While Browsing Amazon

Amazon is one of the most cluttered sites on the web. On average there are around 150 links on a single Amazon page, but this is not the only problem. Opposite to news sites or blogs, where main post area is rather easy to spot, you have to go through several information sections, bars and panels – before getting to the main description.

In fact, the Product Description field is not visible until you scroll the page (picture 1).

You can easily remove all unwanted information and focus on reading the essence of the product. Just use Readability bookmarklet. It removes all additional information from a website, leaving only the most important one.

I’ve checked how Readability works on Amazon pages and it handles the content surprisingly well. What’s left after clicking on a bookmarklet is the product description and reviews (see picture 2). That’s all you need.

Picture 1: typical Amazon page - with around 150 links
Picture 2: same page after using Readability bookmarklet

How to install a bookmarklet

1. Go to this this Readability page, where you’ll see three sections with bookmarklets.

2. Mouse over the first one, READ NOW, and drag it into your browser’s bookmark tab.

3. Now, any time you want to quickly remove unwanted content from the Amazon page, click on the bookmarklet. Done.

Originally published at Ebook Friendly

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