Quick Note: Adding Most Useful Posts from Ebook Friendly to This Blog’s Feed

Ebook Friendly logoIf you check this blog’s feed from time to time you may have realized there are not many new posts coming in. It’s because I now focus more to giving tips for readers of electronic books – and the better place to share them is my ebook discovery site, Ebook Friendly.

As I don’t want to republish every interesting article from there, I’ve managed to add articles from Ebook Friendly to this feed (Yahoo Pipes work fine for this).

I hope you’ll enjoy tips and workarounds for users of ereaders and ereading apps as well as posts and reports promoting self-published books. And make sure to benefit, too.

Recent posts from Ebook Friendly’s Tips & More feed are listed below. Don’t worry, they’ll be filtered and only the best articles will appear in your feed.

Wishing you a quiet, distraction-free Christmas! 

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