WordPress: make Save Draft button more important than Publish

How many times have you hit Publish button just because of the fact it’s visually the most important element of the WordPress post editing dashboard?

What we hit much more often is Save Draft button. Saving a post several times before making it ready to publish is what most bloggers do.

The easy fix for publish-before-ready nightmare is to make Save Draft button more important than Publish. So, instead of this:

Before - Publish button is most important

…we could have something like this:

After - Save Draft button is most important

How to change the look of Save Draft and Publish buttons

This can be done without any WordPress plugin. Instead, you can use a browser extension to style websites you visit.

My favorite tool is Stylebot for Chrome. You can use it for any website, not only WordPress admin pages, so it’s a powerful way to customize the look of the web to fit your personal needs.

When you install the extension, simply click on any element of the WordPress dashboard, and from a command menu select Stylebot, then Style Element:

Open Stylebot in WordPress dashboard

A styling panel appears. In the bottom left part of it there is a button Edit CSS. Click on it, and anywhere in the text field paste the code from below:

input#save-post {
	background-color: #2ea2cc;
	border-color: #0074a2;
	box-shadow: none;
	color: #fff;

input.button.button-primary.button-large {
	background-color: #fff;
	border-color: #ccc;
	box-shadow: none;
	color: #555;

The styling of the buttons should change immediately. Click on Save button and close the Stylebot window. Done.

I found this method much easier than scheduling the post for the future so even when you hit Publish, the post won’t immediately populate the feed and your social streams.

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