Using Ginger spell checker in WordPress

Ginger spell checker and grammar tool

Many WordPress bloggers use After the Deadline as a default way to check spelling before hitting the Publish button. It’s a part of Jetpack, but you can still download it as a separate WordPress plugin.

If you needed more than that, you probably tested Grammarly or Ginger spell checking and grammar-improving tools.

I’ve used a free trial and tested Grammarly, and was quite surprised the tool didn’t recognize some really common errors. Plus, it doesn’t help in what I’m worst at: commas.

That’s why I decided to go with Ginger. Especially that until March 21st, there is a promotion in which you can get it for 60% off.

Ginger works as a browser extension. It’s available for desktop versions of Chrome and Safari.

What makes Ginger different from other spell-checkers is that it works as-it-happens. It simply highlights the part of the text that needs to be corrected (like on the screenshot below).

Ginger spellchecker in WordPress

I’m so happy using it that I pushed really hard to find a solution for one disadvantage. Ginger extension puts tags inside the html text. You don’t see them in Visual editor, but when you switch to Text

The extension keeps the tags as long as a highlighted text is being displayed (or, until you fix spelling and grammar errors).

If you are crazy about keeping your html clean, there is a plugin, called Ginger tag remover, which gets rid of Ginger-specific tags every time you save the draft.

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