How to bring Helvetica back to WordPress dashboard

Back in December WordPress launched version 3.8.

One of the biggest visible changes was a modern design of the admin dashboard. This was done with one smart change: Open Sans replaced Helvetica as the default font.

One side of your brain may shout “Excellent! This is what I’ve been waiting for!”. Helvetica is boring, used everywhere, and doesn’t inspire any more.

But the other side says “Hey, stop it, I got used to this font, and I want it back.”

You can have Helvetica without the plugin. Instead, use any browser extension that can change the styling of web pages to fit your needs. My recommendation is Stylebot (Chrome).

Once you install Stylebot, click anywhere in the dashboard except textarea, and from a context menu select Stylebot, then Style Element. A window will slide from a right side.

Find a button at the bottom of the Stylebot panel named Edit CSS. Click on it and paste the code from below:

.wp-admin {
    font-family: "Helvetica", Arial, sans-serif;

Click Save and close the Stylebot panel. Done.

WordPress dashboard with Open Sans font

Change WordPress dashboard to Helvetica - before

WordPress dashboard with Helvetica font

Change WordPress dashboard to Helvetica - after

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