How to properly connect Jetpack Publicize to Google+

Jetpack’s Publicize module is the only free tool I know of that can automatically share new WordPress posts to both Google+ business page and Google+ personal profile.

It’s very easy to set up a connection via Publicize – but it’s not the only thing to do, if you want the highest possible coverage on Google+.

Depending on your personal settings on Google+, you most probably will be sharing the posts from WordPress privately, that means to your circles or extended circles.

If you want every post from WordPress to be shared publicly, follow the steps below.

Set up Jetpack to share WordPress posts publicly on Google+

1. Once you connected Jetpack with Google+, simply publish any new post, and visit your Google+ profile to check it out.

You’ll see something like this:

Check Jetpack settings on Google+

If, under your name you see the text “Shared publicly”, it’s all you need.

If you see “Shared privately”, and want to change the settings to public:

2. From the Home drop-down menu (right under Google+ logo in the top left corner) select Settings. Scroll down to reveal the section Apps & activities. Click on Manage apps & activities button.

If you’re logged in to Google+, you can alternatively go right to the link

Google Plus - manage your apps

On a list of connected apps, find WordPress and click on edit link. A pop-up window will display a list of available sharing options. Select Public and click on Save button. Done.

Manage WordPress Jetpack on Google Plus - select public

You will need to repeat the procedure for the other profile as well.

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