Children’s use of technology: facts and tips (infographic)

Kids, the digital natives, know technology much better than adults. It doesn’t mean the latter can’t monitor the devices and apps their children use.

Gary Chang has created for Shop Twinkie a detailed infographic that takes a look at the technology in hands of today’s kids, and advice how parents can make sure it’s relevant.

While 71% of parents think the technology doesn’t make parenting easier, it’s important to find the right approach. And to find the right approach, parents have to learn the tech to the level they would be able to distinguish what’s right and wrong for their kids’ age group.

Emma Asprey has the perfect answer:

People have very strong opinions about the use of technology by young children. However, most educational professionals find that it’s a real benefit to children as long as it is used correctly and in moderation.

Kids and tech - facts and figures #infographic

Via Homeschool Library.

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