Fingerthing holds your smartphone and tells everyone to stay away

Fingerthing - picture 1

TM Products have just added a new gadget to their collection. It’s called Fingerthing, and it’s a practical combination of a geeky smartphone stand with a provocative statement.

Fingerthing is an accessory for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals.

The accessory fits all smartphones that are up to 5.7 inches in a landscape mode, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, or iPhone 6s plus. On the bottom, there is a duct for the phone cable.

Fingerthing can also hold pens, pictures, and small office accessories. It’s available in four colors: black, blue, green, and red. Price: €15.90.

Fingerthing - picture 2

Fingerthing - picture 3

Via TM Products Blog.

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