The world’s biggest bookstore will soon be opened in Tehran

Bookstore / Photo: Helen Sotiriadis
Bookstore / Photo: Helen Sotiriadis

The largest bookstore in the world will be opened in two months in Iran.

Sputnik News reports that the building will have almost 500,000 square feet. Besides books, it will accommodate an open auditorium for children, four research departments, and a parking area for 5,000 cars.

The ridiculously vast collection of books will be suitable for people of any status and age category. The shelves will also be filled with magical books for children and adolescents.

How does the space compare to other bookstores? So far, the world’s largest bookstore is Barnes & Noble in New York, located at 105 5th Avenue. It has 154,250 square feet – three times less than the planned bookstore in Tehran.

Via Galley Cat.

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