This web literacy chart shows skills we need to master in the 21st century

The team from Mozilla have prepared a simple but very interesting chart showing which skills become essential in the era of the internet.

There are three major activities of a successful web user: read, write, and participate. On the outer ring, you’ll find more specific areas of competence – each one associated with a set of skills that are needed to succeed:

  • creativity,
  • problem-solving,
  • collaboration,
  • communication.

If you want to design, you’ll need to master creativity, problem-solving, and communication. The same set, but in a different order, is needed if you want to remix.

Head over to the the Mozilla blog post to find in-depth explanations of each segment.

Which 21st-century skills have you mastered, and which do you still have to learn?

Web literacy skills - chart

Via Lifehacker.

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