15 ways to coin a successful book title (infographic)

Finding the proper title is one of the most challenging tasks the writer faces in the process of writing a book.

Should the title be catchy? Or maybe, on the other hand, it should be more informative? Should it reflect the genre the novel belongs to? Should it include certain words, the ones that help catch attention and increase sales?

Should the title be a puzzle or should it hit between the eyes? Should it be long or short?

Jill Bennett, Book Marketing Specialist at LitFire Publishing, has created an infographic that lists things to keep in mind when coining a book title, together with relevant examples.

This infographic will show you several types of book titles present in the industry. Don’t you want an attention-grabbing, thought-provoking, and emotionally stimulating book cover?

15 ways to create a book title #infographic

Via Visually.

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