Ebook downloads to smartphones on the rise, at the expense of e-readers and tablets

Nielsen has just released the 2015 US Book Industry Review.

The most important part of the report shows on which devices people read ebooks. It turns out that smartphone is the only device on the rise.

Compared to 2014, twice as many people (14,3%) have downloaded and read ebooks on the touchscreen phone.

All other devices, including Kindles and iPads, have scored worse than a year ago. The Kindle e-reader is still a leader, with 22,6%, followed by Amazon Fire tablet (20,9%).

Despite the slight shift in total e-book sales, one channel within the digital space saw significant growth: smartphones. In fact, e-book consumption via smartphone grew from 7.6% in 2014 to 14.3% in 2015, which is yet another signal of how ubiquitous our handheld best friends have become.

You can download the full report in pdf format from Nielsen.

Ebook downloads to smartphones on the rise

Via Good E-reader.

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