How often do you replace your e-reader?

How often do you replace your e-reader? When the old one can’t handle the current software? When the new model comes out that makes your current e-reader totally outdated? When your current e-reader is about to break down?

It turns out e-reader owners have other reasons, too. I wouldn’t believe offering a bigger screen e-reader is a major reason for replacement – but it is.

Good E-reader conducted a research among their visitors. 300 of them answered, and one-third claimed: “when my favorite company offers a bigger screen.”

Amazon tends to only release six inch readers and Kobo is the only other major company to buck the trend and offer a 6.8 inch screen. Sometime in August Kobo will be releasing the Aura One, which features a 7.8 inch display.

How often do you replace your e-reader #chart

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