Pew Research: print books are twice as popular as ebooks

According to the new report by Pew Research Center – Book Reading 2016 – 73% of Americans have read at least one book in the past year.

But while print remains at the center of the book-reading landscape as a whole, there has been a distinct shift in the e-book landscape over the last five years. Americans increasingly turn to multipurpose devices such as smartphones and tablet computers – rather than dedicated e-readers.

65% of Americans read a print book. It’s twice as much as ebooks (28%) and four times as much as audiobooks.

Pew Research: print books are twice as much popula as ebooks - chart

It’s important to notice that the downward trend has reversed in the last year. The numbers were going down in 2015, but in 2016 the share of Americans who read print, digital, and audio books have increased.

In the 5-year perspective, however, print books are on the downward pace, from 71 to 65%. Ebooks enjoy constant growth, from 17% (2011) to 28% (2016).

Four-in-ten Americans read print books exclusively. 28% read books in both print and digital format. Only 6% read only ebooks, and not print books.

Pew Research: in which formats Americans read book - chart

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