This little stand will turn your Apple Watch into the classic Macintosh

The 1st-generation Macintosh was launched 35 years ago. Most people who fell in love with this iconic computer are addicted to everything that’s related to Apple, and look at the first Mac with nostalgia.

You can bring back the joy of using the 1984 Mac with this browser-based emulation of System 7.0.1 developed by James Friend. However, you can get more than that with the clever accessory from Elago.

Vintage Mac stand for Apple Watch will turn your smartwatch into a tiny Mac computer -yes, the one that was introduced in January 1984 by Steve Jobs, and promoted with the legendary Nineteen Eighty-Four TV commercial.

Place the stand near the bed for charging and your face will brighten with joyful memories as often as you want.

This little Apple gizmo is smart. It helps you put Apple Watch charger inside so that the cable is hidden. Most importantly, you can easily slide the smartwatch from top (don’t worry, there is no risk of scratching – the stand is made of flexible silicone). Once in place, the watch looks like the display of the iconic 1984 Macintosh.

Vintage Mac stand fits all generations of Apple’s smartwatch, including Apple Watch 4. Numerous sellers offer it on eBay for $10-25, but the cheapest option (at least at the moment of writing this post) is to get it on Amazon, from the official Elago shop, for $9.99.

⇢ Elago $9.99

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