16 little things to boost your creativity (infographic)

Little things to boost your creativity

According to a global study conducted by Adobe, more than 75% of people feel that their countries are not living up to their collective potential to be creative.

In Japan, only 19% of respondents described themselves as creative. That level was twice as high in France (36%). The country with the highest number of people who considered themselves creative was the U.S., with the share of creative people reaching 52%.

Six in 10 people felt that being creative is valuable to their country’s economy, while in the U.S. that number was seven in 10.

Expert Editor has just released an infographic that lists science-backed ways (and they are usually little things you can you every day) to boost your creativity. Among them, you will find listening to music, unplugging, arousing your senses, and breaking the routine.

Are you suffering the creative block? The infographic lists types of creative blocks as well. By identifying them, you will be better suited to pick up the most relevant method to boost creativity.

16 little things to boost your creativity - full infographic
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